How much does laptop repair cost?

I believe most young people have a laptop in their hands! However, when the laptop is used for a certain period of time, some problems will occur. So what should I do if the laptop is broken? Let’s take a look at the price of laptop repair!

How much does laptop repair cost?

1. First of all, when you find that your laptop has some problems, you must not be too anxious. Finding a suitable repair shop is your current job. But what you need to pay attention to is: there are many places to repair a laptop, so only the place selected according to the reputation of the consumer is the most suitable.

2. Then, according to the survey, if there is a problem with the mainboard or graphics card circuit of your laptop, the maintenance cost is generally between $40 and $60. If it is a problem with memory, then its maintenance cost is generally between $20 and $40.

3. Finally, since the economic level of each region is different, the above laptop repair costs are for your reference only. In fact, if you want to know the most real laptop repair costs, you’d better go to the local repair shop to ask the repair personnel, or ask some professionals!

laptop repair

Of course, there are some small problems that you can solve by yourself. Let’s take a laptop battery as an example to teach you how to calibrate the battery.

How much is the laptop repair? I believe everyone knows it! Among them, laptop battery damage is the most common thing. Let’s learn how to repair it:

1. Use the battery calibration function in the BIOS
You can turn on your laptop, press F2 to enter the BIOS menu after the interface appears, and then select the power menu. At this time, you can see the “start battery calibration” option. You just need to click and press enter to proceed. At this time, you will see that your screen color is blue, and English prompts you to plug in the power supply for charging. When the battery is fully charged, it will discharge automatically, but it will take some time. When its power is completely exhausted, you just need to recharge it again, so that the battery correction process is completed.

2. Let the battery discharge naturally
You can directly enter the “Power Options” interface, and set the “power usage plan” to “always-on”. At this time, you need to convert “turn off the monitor” and “turn off the hard disk” into the shortest time, and also cancel all power options, so that the power of the battery will be exhausted.

Repairing a laptop computer is normally done only by a maintenance technician. And although the repair requires a certain amount of money, they can make your laptop work smoothly as always!


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