Dell Vostro 3450 Disassembly

In this guide, I’ll disassemble a Dell Vostro 3450 in order to replace the motherboard. I also remove the RAM, keyboard, palm rest, optical drive, hard drive, wireless card, heat sink and cooling fan.

Turn off your laptop.
Unlock and remove the battery.
Remove one screw securing the service cover.

Under the service cover, you can find the RAM.
Remove fourteen screws from the bottom case.

Pull out the optical drive.

Remove two screws in the optical drive bay.

Turn over the laptop, there are four latches securing the keyboard, unlock all latches.

Lift up the keyboard. Disconnect the keyboard cable and backlit cable from the motherboard.

Dell Vostro 3450 keyboard has been removed.

Disconnect four cables.
Remove five screws securing the palm rest.

Pry up the palm rest with a card.

Dell Vostro 3450 palm rest has been removed.

Disconnect two cables.
Remove the screw securing the cooling fan. You can remove the cooling fan.

Remove five screws securing the motherboard.

Now we will remove the LCD screen assembly. Remove two screws securing the left LCD hinge.
Disconnect the LCD cable.

Remove two screws securing the right LCD hinge.
Disconnect two wireless card antenna cables. Lift up the screen assembly and remove it.

Now you can remove the motherboard.
Turn over the motherboard, disconnect dc power jack cable.

Remove one screw and remove the hard drive.

Dell Vostro 3450 hard drive

Remove seven screws securing the heat sink and remove the heat sink.


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