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Toshiba Portege R935-st2n02  Screen

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Laptop LED Screen For Toshiba Portege R935-st2n02

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Note: New replacement screen must have same shape, size, resolution and backlight type as your original screen!

LCD Screen For Toshiba Portege R935-st2n02

  • Size:13.3-inch WideScreen
  • Backlight type: LED
  • Resolution: WXGA (1366X768) HD
  • Surface:
  • Condition: Brand New, Grade A+
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Availability: In Stock!
  • Installation Guide: Visit our repair blog to learn how to remove and install screen on Toshiba Portege R935-st2n02
  • Quality: This product is direct from the manufacturer, passed strict QA/QC and retested before ship out.
  • Guarantee: 30-day money back and full one year warranty.
  • Replacement: During the time of warranty, your item happens to be with some problems, don't worry. Please contact us for replacement.
  • Satisfaction: I don't know if I can satisfy every customer, but I will try my best.

  • Our business is built on honesty, integrity and trust. We only deliver you the highest quality replacement laptop parts. Our customer support is here to assist you before and after the sale. If you have any questions regarding compatibility or other issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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    Removal and Installation Guide

    How to remove and replace screen on Toshiba Portege R935-st2n02

    Step 1. Disconnect the AC adapter from your laptop. Unlock and remove the battery.
    Step 2. Insert your fingers under the bezel and start separating it from the display assembly.
    Step 3. Continue separating the bezel from the display assembly with a piece of plastic tool or guitar pick.
    Step 4. Continue removing the LCD bezel on the upper side of the display assembly. After that move to the lower part.
    Step 5. Remove the bezel from the display assembly.
    Step 6. Remove two screws securing the screen on the top of the display assembly.
    Step 7. Carefully disconnect one cable from the web camera module.
    Step 8. Remove two screws from the right mounting bracket.
    Step 9. Remove two more screws from the left mounting bracket.
    Step 10. Now you can separate the screen from the display back cover and place it the front side down on the palmrest/keyboard assembly. Place screen of Toshiba Portege R935-st2n02 on palm rest assembly. On the back side, you can access the video cable harness.
    Step 11. Unglue the web camera cable from the screen.
    Step 12. Remove clear tape securing the video cable connector. Unplug the video cable.
    Step 13. Remove the damaged screen of Toshiba Portege R935-st2n02 from the display assembly. After the replacement, you can assemble everything back together following all disassembly steps in reverse order.

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