Microsoft Announces New Wireless Universal Foldable keyboard in china



Microsoft today officially released a new wireless universal foldable keyboard in China. The keyboard is designed for the iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows tablet, priced at 699 yuan, about $110.

Microsoft wireless universal foldable keyboards can switch between tablet PCs and smart phones, compatible with a variety of operating systems, designed for the iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows tablet.

Microsoft wireless universal foldable Keyboard is only 5mm thick, with an innovative folding design. Users can easily be folded into a purse or pocket, the keyboard also features a spill-resistant design, made of special waterproof material.

The keyboard with the latest Bluetooth 4.0, using built-in rechargeable battery. Once charge can be used for up to three months.

It is reported that keyboard will be on sale in online store, such as etc., the retail price of 699 yuan.

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