How to remove and replace Lenovo Yoga 13 keyboard

In this guide, I’ll remove the Lenovo Yoga 13 keyboard. My target is replacing the old keyboard. I bought a new keyboard from, you can also clean the cooling fan with a air-blowing.

First step you should buy a new keyboard, this is the new keyboard i bought from

Turn off your laptop, unplug the ac adapter.
Inserting a flat plastic tool to pry the keyboard.

Continuing pry the keyboard, released a series of latches located along the top of the keyboard.

Continuing pry the keyboard, all the latches has been released.

Sliding the keyboard by the arrow.

All five latches will be released.

Now you can lift up the keyboard. Place it on the palm rest.

You can get access to the keyboard cable now.

Open the black lock with your fingernails.

Now you can pull out the keyboard cable.

You can clean the cooling fan with a air-blowing.

Insert the keyboard cable with a tweezer.

Press on the black lock

Place the keyboard on the palm rest.

Use your hand press the central part of the keyboard, the keyboard completely fit the laptop body, and then forced down slowly while holding down the keyboard, the keyboard snap back into place.

The new keyboard has been installed.

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