How to fix laptop shut down automatically

If laptop suddenly shut down automatically, how to do? My laptop was purchased in 2010, recently, it is shut down automatically, I’m thought it was a problem with the drivers, reinstall the drivers, its still shut down. Then, reinstall the system, the problem is going on. I do not know what’s the problem?

If reinstall the drivers and the system does not work, it seems not soft fault, it’s should be a hardware problem.

First, check the notebook cooling fan is normal, because the processor, graphics cards and other hardware fouling too much, poor heat dissipation, it will automatically shut down, we should to remove and clean the cooling fan, or replace it with a new cooling fan.

Secondly, if you the cooling fan is no problem, it may be power supply problems, after all, it’s has been used for years, you can try starting up without battery or ac adapter to test it.

If the above checks no problem, it is likely that the motherboard problem, you need to go to repair store.

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