How to Disassemble Asus N75 to clean cooling fan

In this guide, I’ll disassemble Asus N75, I will remove the RAM, hard drive, dvd drive, keyboard, palm rest, wireless card, heat sink, cooling fan and motherboard.

Tools needed.

Remove two screws securing the service cover.

Pry up and remove the service cover.

The service cover has been removed.

Remove all the screws. You can remove two hard drives, two RAM.
Pull out the dvd drive.

Remove four screws in the dvd drive bay.

Remove four screws under the hard drive.

Push on the audio cover by the arrows and remove it.

Remove three screws securing the keyboard.

Lift up the keyboard and disconnect the keyboard cable, you can remove the keyboard.

Remove six screws securing the palm rest and disconnect two cables.
Pry up and remove the palm rest.

The palm rest has been removed.
Now you can get access to the speakers, motherboard, heat sink and cooling fan.
Remove all screws securing the motherboard. You can remove the motherboard.

Here is Asus N75 motherboard.

Remove the screws securing the heat sink and cooling fan, you can remove it.


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