Dell XPS 13 9343 (2015) SSD, RAM Upgrade Guide

In this guide, I’ll disassemble Dell XPS 13 9343 (2015), refer to this guide, you can upgrade wireless card, SSD, or clean fan for your XPS 13 9343.

Remove nine screws securing the bottom case, pry up and remove the bottom case with a pry bar.

Under the bottom case, you can find the SSD, wireless card, battery, heat sink, cooling fan, speakers and motherboard.

My Dell XPS 13 9343 come with 128GB NGFF SSD. I will upgrade it to 512GB.

Dell XPS 13 9343 (2015) not provide spare RAM slot, so you cannot upgrade RAM, the 8GB RAM is onboard.

The Dell XPS 13 9343 comes with a Broadcom DW1560 wireless card.



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