Asus Q550LF Upgrade RAM, SSD, HDD Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to upgrade RAM, SSD, HDD, 3G on Asus Q550LF, I will remove the service cover and access the battery, ram, dvd drive, hard drive, wireless card, heat sink and cooling fan.

Turn off your laptop. Remove ten screws securing the bottom case.

Remove three screws securing the metal bracket located over the optical drive.
You can see the Asus Q550LF also have a mSATA port. Only a mSATA Mini (Half Size) SSD can be used.

Remove three screws securing the hard drive.
Remove the HDD caddy from hard drive module.

You need to buy a 2nd HDD caddy first, install the hard drive to the 2nd HDD caddy.
Remove the optical drive, and install the 2nd HDD caddy to the optical drive bay.

This is my new kingmax 240GB SSD.

Install the HDD caddy to the new SSD.

It’s done

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