Acer Aspire 5542g Disassembly

In this guide, I’ll disassemble an Acer aspire 5542g in order to replace the cooling fan.
Before you start, make sure the laptop is turned off.

Unlock and remove battery.
Remove the screws securing the hard drive cover and RAM cover.
Remove a screw securing the dvd drive.
Pull out the dvd drive.

Remove hard drive and RAM cover.
Remove hard drive module.

There are two latches in the battery bay.

There is hook under the black insulating tape.

Use a screwdriver to push on the snaps under the switch panel, lift up the keyboard.

Lift up the keyboard.
Turn it upside down, place on the palm rest.

Disconnect the keyboard cable.

Disconnect the touchpad cable.

Disconnect the camera cable.

Disconnect the speaker cable.

Pry up the palm rest with a guitar pick.

Lift up the switch panel. Be careful, the switch cable still connecting the motherboard.

Disconnect the switch cable.

Remove the screws securing the LCD hinge.

Disconnect the speaker cable.

Disconnect the LCD cable.

Remove the palm rest.

Disconnect the USB cable.

Remove one screw securing the motherboard.

Remove the motherboard.

Remove six screws securing the heat sink.

Acer aspire 5542g cooling fan.

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